Thursday, July 30, 2009

Schumacher in for Massa!

Well well well,

F1 Race is getting more and more interesting one race after another this season. Earlier, it’s very boring with only Bawrn Mercedes cars dominating the circuit with their cut-through double diffusers. After some races, the red and blue colored Red Bull is surprisingly chasing white Bawrn cars. Vettle taking podiums and winnings as a youngest F1 racer are really challenges to Bawrn as well as the come-back Webber with his first win to the 130th F1 race.

Till then I though “Oh! Ok, rookies rocks”. Nothing more than that. But now!!! The Red and Silver McLaren Mercedes came back with the beloved KERS as well as the wicked red Ferrari devils. After Michael Schumacher retired in 2006, I’ve become the fan of “Nior” rookie who shook the F1 world, named “Lewis Hamilton”. This season, he’s faced with very tough events but this little English blackie never give up. Sloppy car at the start of the season, the “Lie-gate” scandal and unfortunate accidents all cannot hold him back for long time and last week, he came back to podium, not only to stand there but to grab the winning award. At the same time, our beloved “Red Devil” Massa was hit by a debris and warded in the ICU of a hospital. His come-back for next race has been ruled-out and also the rest of the season is not certain.

A lot of rumors came out of grapevines who’d replace to Massa’s seat and Michael Schumacher’s name was at the top of the list. But earlier, his spoke-person, and other people closed to him denied that he’s coming back highlighting the neck injury he’s got last April, as well as his age. Now, this morning, he announced that he’ll take that Ferrari seat again till Massa is fit enough to drive again. (That mean at least end of this season).

What can I say more. My favorite drivers, better cars, new teams, F1 is full of surprise and I can’t wait to see how Michael and Lewis race against each other. That’s a dream come true.

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