Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom, ... but hey, my mom's birthday was last Friday, 10th of October.

I called mom early in the morning to wish her happy birthday. But she's not very well. Not so serious, just having a seasonal flu. As it's mom's birthday I put a message "Happy birthday Mom! I love you!" on my GTalk status. Then Tim, my new Singaporean friend asked me with a surprise "Hey, is it really your mom's birthday today?". I answered him "Yes! Of course!!!" . He said "Wow! ... it's really cool. Bcoz today is my mom's birthday also!"
Well, I can't be more delighted than him. We wish each other's mom's birthday in return. Well, at least, It's good to have a friend whose mom's birthday is same as my mom.

Happy birthday mom! I love you!!!

From Singapore with love,


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