Friday, October 10, 2008

What's happened to Me?

Well, it’s been so long I haven’t blog. And because of some emotional fluctuations, I’m not in a mood to type smooth words in my native language. So, here come my first blog post in English and of course, I post it via mail. I’m feeling so bored to open the at this moment.

Some of my blog readers might be wondering where am I , what am I doing and why I didn’t post for so long. Well, there’re many reasons, one thing is my work and another thing is my mood. I’m about to go back to my beloved Motherland for a visit and I’ve got to move all my project deadlines ahead of my vacation date. It’s the hell of busy days. My mood? Well, I’m not sure what’s happening. I’m feeling like I’m not myself. It’s not that I haven’t write any blog posts during my absent days. I wrote a lot. But every time I finished writing a post, I review it and I don’t like it anymore. So instead of posting, I just delete them away.

During these days, I’ve had some chances to go out and take some photos. But sadly, most of them are portraits of my beloved cousin sister. So I won’t be able to post it here. I still have some non-personal shots, but again, I don’t feel like editing them right now. So they’re resting in my external storage box. If I can find some time and some mood to edit them, you’ll be seeing them online here. For now, ciao, see you around. I’ll be updating my blog regularly, at least in English.

With love from the land of Merlion,

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