Friday, October 10, 2008

What am I doing recently?

I'm doing some bug-fixing and debugging of my old projects at office. Major updates and changes has been finished. So, I got some time to write blog posts again. What's happened to me at home? I'm washing and ironing my cloths!!! No joke, it's serious.

The old washing machine provided by my landlady has been acting strangely last few weeks and it took 4 ~ 6 hrs to finish a load of laundry. And last week, it cannot finish anything anymore. So my flat-mates went to electronic shop to buy a new washing machine. I'm a bit surprised (well, a bit astonished also) to see them coming back empty handed but when I heard that they've made a delivery order, I'm a bit delighted. (thanks mates, for taking the trouble to go and buy the machine :-) ) Yes, I haven't done my laundry jobs for the whole week because of that stupid old washing machine and all of my freshly washed clothes are nearly out of stock to wear. I'm really longing to have a new washer as soon as possible.

My wish has been fulfilled on last Wednesday. When I arrived back home from work, I saw a new washing machine. So, that night, I did 2 loads of laundries. Well, there come some problems! All of my flat-mates are in same situation with me about their laundries and they arrived back home earlier than me, so they've already done all their loads and already hanged the clothes full on the cloth line. There's no place left for me. :( so I've been forced to switch on the special function of our newly bought machine "The Wash and Iron". Yes, you washed, and when the machine stops, you take it out and iron directly, no hanging needs.

My old fashion about washing and wearing is, I wash, and then I hang the clothes, and when I want to wear, I took it out of the cloth line, iron it and wear. So I don't need to pay great amount of time to do the ironing. Now, I've got to iron the clothes again and I found out that it takes more time to iron a damp shirt than when it's dried. No choice, I've got to do it. And I think I've got to do it in future also. Why? Because one of my flat-mates have a habit of getting up early in the morning and cook the breakfast (mostly fried rice). So when he finish cooking, all the clothes hanged on the cloth line are smelled with his fried rice. :( ... so, no way of hanging them again. Wash and iron! Okay, ciao, see you again.

From Singapore with love

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